Everyone likes to know when they're doing a good job. Whether you're a nurse or a volunteer, it's nice to get feedback on what you're doing well, and the areas you need to work on. Writers feel the same way - independent writers even more so. If you loved (or loathed) a book, I, as a writer, would like to know this, and the reasons why. Reviews are the perfect way to get this message across (whether positive or negative). You won't be contacted by me (even if your reviews are negative), and I'll always welcome feedback on my work.

Reviews also help my books and short stories become more exposed to new readers, and positive reviews encourage further sales.  ALL reviews (both positive and negative) help to give credibility to my books'/short stories' listings on Amazon. I've NEVER paid for a review on any of my books/short stories, nor do I intend to. I want EVERY review to be honest, genuine, and unbiased.

This is why I'm appealing to you, my readers, to leave a review (or just a rating if you prefer not to give your reasons)  on Amazon/Goodreads to any of the books/short stories you've read. Please also tell your friends, family, work colleagues, and anyone else about the Bow Street Society. Tell them what you enjoyed about it, what you didn't, and what you hope to see in future instalments. 

Your support and feedback will always be appreciated and considered. 


Why Reviews Matter




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The Bow Street Society is a fictional group of amateur detectives, operating in Victorian London, that features in the writings of award winning crime author, T.G. Campbell.  Each of its civilian members has been enlisted for their unique skill or exceptional knowledge in a particular field. This ensures the Society may work to solve cases on the behalf of their clients regardless of their client’s social class or wealth; cases that the police either can’t or won’t investigate. From an artist to an illusionist, from an architect to a veterinarian, the Bow Street Society's aim is to provide justice by all and for all.