The Enchanting Artwork of Peter Spells

BOOK AWARD: The Case of The Curious Client

Guest blog on GASLIGHT CRIMEMurder of the lone detective

In April 2017, author and creator of the Bow Street Society, T.G. Campbell, was chosen by Fresh Lifestyle Magazine to win one of their Book Awards. Following this award, the Editor of Fresh Lifestyle Magazine, Kimberly Perry, personally invited T.G. Campbell to write a monthly feature.

This is the article about the Book Award.

In her November 2017 feature, T.G. Campbell explains why the traditonal, 'cozy' mystery isn't as shallow as it may first appear. The inspiration for this topic was her own writing and the release of the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express

HIDDEN LONDON: Bow Street Police Station & Law Court

Interview with writer, John Bainbridge

Top 10 Little-Known Facts About  Victorian Era Scotland Yard

Maintaining luscious locks using home remedies with questionable ingredients, and methods more modern than you'd expect, was the topic of choice for T.G. Campbell's June 2017 article. 

October 2017's feature is a fascinating interview with bestselling author and  qualified walking guide, Richard Jones. Having written several books about the paranormal, across the British Isles & Ireland, Richard now conducts several historical tours and ghost walks around the historic streets and alleyways of London.

HIDDEN LONDON: Exploring its haunting history with Richard Jones

The works of fellow crime author, John Bainbridge, were placed under the spotlight when T.G. Campbell interviewed him about his 1860s Victorian thriller, The Shadow of William Quest, for her July 2017 feature.

The subversion of a traditional mainstay in crime fiction - the lone detective - within her own Bow Street Society books is explored in this guest post T.G. Campbell wrote for the Gaslight Crime blog. 

Interesting facts about Scotland Yard in the Victorian era. A Listverse list written by T.G. Campbell.

For her first feature in May 2017, T.G. Campbell wrote an article about the real-life Bow Street in London, England. She focused on the famous magistrates court and police station - both in 1896 and modern day.

Bustler Market and the Tradition of Street Food

Why 'Cozy' Mysteries are more Complex than you Think 

All Bow Street Society books and short stories feature an original illustration by freelance artist, Peter Spells, on their covers. August 2017's feature explores the rest of Peter's work and T.G. Campbell's reasons for using him as her regular cover artist.

September 2017's feature showcases an exciting new street food market in Derby, Derbyshire, England. Also, how this new monthly event is walking in the footsteps of Victorian era street food sellers. 


IIn addition to writing the Bow Street Society books, T.G. Campbell writes a monthly feature for Fresh Lifestyle Magazine. Links to these features may be found below, as well as links to guest blogs she's written and her Listverse list. Other articles/features written about her, and the Bow Street Society, are also

included here.

Maintaining your hair the Victorian way