A Bow Street Society short story, The Case of The Desperate Deed, has been accepted into the Monolith anthology by Creative Writers Press.  The anthology is currently scheduled for an early 2018 release but I'll announce the specific date of its release once it's been officially announced by â€‹Creative Writers Press.


Starting from the end of June 2017, each Bow Street Society book and short story will be professionally edited by an external editor. This will be in additional to editing carried out by me, T.G. Campbell, and the initial reading stage by my regular Beta Readers. T

he Case of The Shrinking Shopkeeper has already been re-edited and re-uploaded as a second edition. The Case of The Winchester Wife has been re-edited and re-uploaded prior to its official release on the 1st July. The Case of The Curious Client and The Case of The Lonesome Lushington will also be re-edited and re-uploaded as second editions in due course. Their paperback editions will also be re-edited to reflect the changes. The expected changes are minor: formatting and a minor grammatical errors.

I don't expect readers who already own an eBook or paperback edition of these works to re-purchase the second editions. This announcement is purely to tell you, my readers, that I am, and will always be, dedicated to giving you the best reading experience I can. When I originally released these works they were the best I could create at that time. Since then, however, these minor flaws have been brought to my attention and I believe it's my duty to remedy them. I owe it to myself and to you, my readers. 

As always, thank you for all the support you have given to me and to the Bow Street Society. Thank you, too, for the support you will continue to give as you travel with me along this topsy-turvy journey.

Your support means the world to me.

JULY 2017

Above photograph taken by Craig Short Photography

​Edited by Karen McDonald