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Where writing crime earns you time.

The Writers' Wing is a fictional cell block where crime, thriller, mystery, and suspense authors are invited to imagine themselves as inmates while answering the following questions:

 1) Who is your cellmate, and why?

This could be another author, actor, artist etc. (living or dead). Alternatively, it may be one of the author's own creations. 

2) Which four books would you choose to pass the time with,

and why?

Authors may choose ONE of their own works, but the remaining three must be by another author. Books may be fiction or non fiction, and may cover any topic. All interviews will be reviewed by T.G. Campbell prior to publication here. Any offensive entries will be rejected and the author asked to provide a substitute. 'Complete works of...' titles may be chosen if those works are contained within one volume. Otherwise, a series of books/poems/works shall not be accepted as one entry. 

3) Which one of your own literary creations would you choose to visit you, and why?

Authors may choose the central protagonist in their current work-in-progress, a pheripheral character in the story they wrote when they were twelve, or any of the characters they have created over the entire span of their writing career. The character must be the original work of the author (no fan fiction). Though it's not necessary for the character to have appeared in one of the author's published works, it's recommended. 

Authors will also be asked to provide a short biography about themselves (to include their latest release, upcoming releases etc), a headshot (optional), social media URLs, and website URLs for inclusion on their blog entry. 

Interested in becoming an inmate on the Writer's Wing?

Email info@bowstreetsociety.com with 'Writers' Wing' in the subject line. Please also include a brief introduction about you as an author and your published works. Both traditionally published and independently published authors are welcome to apply.

T.G. Campbell reserves the right to read an author's most recent work prior to deciding upon whether or not she'll accept them for the blog. If this is the case, she'll notify the author by email.

Authors will NOT be charged a fee for being featured in the Writers' Wing.

The blog's primary focus is to promote the works of crime, thriller, suspense, and mystery authors. Authors with works belonging to other genres (specifically horror and true crime non-fiction) will be considered, however. 

T.G. Campbell would appreciate it if authors could share their segment with their social media followers and newsletter subscribers, as well as posting a link on their website.

T.G. Campbell will post links to each author's segment on her own Twitter and Facebook profiles/pages.

Subscribers to the Writers' Wing mailing list will also receive each author's segment in email form. This email may also be sent to the featured author at their request. 

NOTE: Signing up to the Writers' Wing mailing list does NOT include subscription to the Bow Street Society newsletter, Gaslight Gazette. There is a separate subscription for this (see menu above). Subscriber details will NOT be shared between these two lists and NO personal details of subscribers to either mailing list are sold.