Where writing crime earns you time.

The Writers' Wing is a cell block where crime, thriller, mystery, horror, true crime nonfiction, and suspense authors are invited to imagine themselves as inmates in a fictional prison while answering questions.

Interested in becoming an inmate in the Writer's Wing? 

The Writers' Wing would like to welcome its next inmate, horror, suspense, and sci fi author, David Clark.

David is an IT professional by trade and an author by passion who focuses on the suspense, horror and sci-fi genre.  His writing style takes a story based on reality, develops characters the reader can connect with and pull for, and then sends the reader on a rollercoaster journey the best fortune teller cannot predict.  He feels his job is done if the reader either gasps, makes a verbal reaction out loud, throws the book across the room, or hopefully all three.  

David is currently published in two anthologies:

* "Jack" in Hellbound Books' Shopping List 2

* "Unholy Trinity" in Hellbound Books's Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume 4

A further two of David's stories will be published in the following anthologies later this year:

* "Siler, LA" in Postcards from Darkwater Syndicate (Publication Date - October 31,2018)

* "Hot Premiere" in Drive-In of the Damned by Stitched Smile Publications (Publication date TBD)

In addition to the above works, David has also published:

* Maria (Viewpoint Series): Available on Amazon.

* Highway 666: And Other Tales to Speed your Descent into the Abyss: Available on Amazon.

* Game Master: to be published by J Ellington Ashton in 2018 


Who is your cellmate, and why?

Andy Weir, author of The Martian.   I have read more books that I can even remember; I have filled the memory of my kindle many times.   Andy created a character in Mark Watney that was the first character that I actually pulled for and could wait to read about what happened next.

Which four books would you choose to pass the time with, and why?

1) The Martian by Andy Weir for the reason given above.

2) Anomaly by Peter Cawdron 
- One of the best Sci-fi, suspense, conspiracy books I have ever read.

3) Doctor Sleep by Stephen King -
The world King created I felt completely absorbed in.

4) One Second After by William R Forstchen -
In a narrative he showed just how fragile society is.

Which one of your own literary creations would you choose to visit you, and why?

Game Master, I would love to play the games.


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Tracking down David Clark after his escape: