T.G. Campbell is regularly interviewed on Chat and Spin Radio about the Bow Street Society, upcoming book signing events and more. Chat and Spin Radio is an internet based radio station that has a wide variety of guests  and a great mix of music.


To celebrate the release of the third Bow Street Society book, The Case of The Spectral Shot, T.G. Campbell was interviewed by fellow author, Jennifer S. Alderson. 


16th FEBRUARY 2019 

T.G. Campbell was interviewed for Joshua Robertson's Book Tavern. Click the button below to discover her thoughts on the genre, her research, and her future plans.  

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​Here you will find links to all T.G. Campbell's interviews, including podcasts and interviews with bloggers and fellow writers, and for radio, bookclubs, and educational resource websites. 

14th July 2018:​​

T.G. Campbell is featured in It Was a Dark & Stormy Bookclub's Bookends episode for her first ever podcast interview. Listen to her discuss all things Bow Street Society with the bookclub's founders, Ann and Tracey. The official release date of Bow Street Society Mystery #3 is also revealed in this interview. Click on the button below to listen to the interview on the It Was a Dark & Stormy Bookclub's website.

T.G. Campbell was interviewed by  Dan Moorhouse (who maintains Schoolshistory.org.uk) about her writing, planning and research processes alongside her thoughts when approaching a well-known period, like the Victorian Era, when writing historical mysteries. Schoolshistory.org.uk is a website that contains narrative history based largely on the contents of GCSE specifications in the United Kingdom. To read T.G. Campbell's full interview click on the button below!

December 6th 2017:

T.G. Campbell was the featured Wednesday Writing Warrior interviewed by Allison Williford  on Allison's The Sentranced Writer site. Click on the button below to read T.G. Campbell's responses to questions about her writing routine, inspirations, and much more.