Interesting facts about Scotland Yard in the Victorian era. A Listverse list written by T.G. Campbell.

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There has been numerous occasions when T.G. Camplbell, the creator of the Bow Street Society, has drawn upon her research to write guest articles for other publications, blogs, and websites. This has included a list on the highly respected and long-running website, Listverse, and Dan Moorhouse's Schools History website.  For a full list of the interviews T.G. Campbell has done please click on the 'Interviews'  on the sub-menu under 'T.G. Campbell' on the menu above. 

Top 10 Little-Known Facts About  Victorian Era Scotland Yard

Read T.G. Campbell's guest post on Rose English UK's blog. In it, she discusses the historical context of her latest mystery, The Case of The Toxic Tonic. She also explores the scandalous reputation of massages in Victorian Era London.


T.G. Campbell is the author of the Bow Street Society series of books. Set in Victorian London, they are based on meticulous research into the period. In this feature, which coincides with the launch of The Case of the Toxic Tonic, T.G. Campbell explores the mapping of London in 1896 and the way in which she has researched it.