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Secretary to Lady Owston / 20

In addition to fulfilling the roles of Lady Owston’s personal   secretary, housekeeper, and companion, Miss Agnes Samantha Webster is also her ward. Having been raised by her from a young age, Miss Webster has become strong and independent as a result. Far from being meek or demure, she also isn't afraid to speak her mind or challenge the men around her—even if this causes anger or offence. The only fear she has is that of  pyrophobia. Thus, she prefers the seat furthest away from the fireplace and has never smoked. During Society investigations, she’ll draw upon her shorthand and ledger skills, along with her intricate knowledge of the Post Office Directory, postmarks & obliteration on letters, and graphology. 

Memorable Quotes

Nonsense. We are no weaker for being women.”

“Your approval was neither required nor requested.”

“We’ve never tampered with evidence. You’re simply a coward.”