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The Case of Mastermind Moss


The Divulging Discourse

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A Brief History of Bow Street

APRIL 2022: Meet The Members

JULY 2021:

The Riveting Revelation

MARCH 2022: Women, Crime and the Law

(An International Women's Month Special)

In March's full episode T.G. Campbell marks International Women's Month with special guest co-host Sabrina Poole. They chat about Sabrina's performances playing the Society's formidable clerk as well as Sabrina's other passions and projects. They are then joined by guest panellists Vicki Pipe from the Bow Street Police Museum and crime fiction writer and author of the award-winning Smart Woman's mystery series Victoria Dowd to discuss the roles women have played on both sides of the law throughout history. 

The Bow Street Society Podcast is hosted by award-winning crime fiction author and creator of the Bow Street Society T.G. Campbell (left) and friend and fellow writer Richard A. Boxshall (right). You can find out more about Richard and his work on his website here.

Featuring chats with a variety of special guests, interviews with characters from the books (voiced by Sabrina Poole, Phil Rowe, and Jaden Braniff), and much more, the magazine-style podcast aims to introduce listeners to the world of the Bow Street Society, the reality of London in the nineteenth century, and the history of true crime, detection, and policing. So, whether you're a long-time fan of the Bow Street Society or completely new to the series, this podcast is for you. Drop us a message with your thoughts about the Bow Street Society, questions for Bow Street Society members, and suggestions for the podcast ​​



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In this special bonus episode of the podcast T.G. Campbell and Richard A. Boxshall bring together the members' interviews from the previous episodes for the very first time. They are: Miss Rebecca Trent, Clerk of the Society, Mr Joseph Maxwell,Gaslight Gazette Journalist, Dr Percy Weeks, Surgeon, Mr Percy Locke, Illusionist, and Dr Lynnete Locke, Medical Doctor.  Click on the player above to listen to the episode for free. 


Maxwell Murder

AUGUST 2021:

The Beginners' Guide to the Bow Street Society