T.G. Campbell is delighted to announce the second short story anthology outing for the Bow Street Society in The Case of The Contradictory Corpse in The Brumology: The Author City Birmingham Anthology. In a special treat, Detective Inspector Donahue featured in the story is based upon a good friend of T.G. Campbell: Twitch streamer and all-round entertainer MattRPD.  Edited by Andrew Sparke, the anthology also features creative pieces by Punam Farmah, Mike Chinn, Maggie Fogarty, Catherine Hytner, Jill Griffin, Pat Spence, D.G Torrens,  and Lee Benson.

The Bow Street Society is featured for the very first time in an anthology outside the Bow Street Society Casebook series. The anthology is sold for the benefit of The Red Kite Academy in Corby, Northamptonshire, a ‘richly diverse community in which children with many special needs, languages, cultures and religions learn together in harmony’.
The authors of these stories have donated their work free of charge. You may find a favourite author here, or discover new favourites. Their stories cover crime in all its aspects. You'll find stories to terrify you, mystify you, or maybe even raise a smile. We hope you enjoy them.

(UK Crime Book Club Anthology in aid of the Red Kite Academy)
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The following is a full list of all anthologies which feature a Bow Street Society short story. In all instances T.G. Campbell has donated her work free of charge and does not receive any royalties from the anthologies' sales. This is because all of the anthologies below have been published in aid of charitable causes and organisations. Please consider showing your support to these great causes by buying a copy. Your support is greatly appreciated. Unless otherwise stated, all of these anthologies are available to purchase as an eBook and paperback from Amazon. They are also free to download if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. 

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The Author City Birmingham Anthology
Available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook.​​