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Architect / 25 / Aliases: Bert, Bertie

An amiable man, Mr Bertram Stephen Heath has a tendency to lose his focus on the topic at hand and go off on a tangent – particularly when the topic is something he knows a lot about, e.g., architecture. He has been a practising architect for five years and is an associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. A man who neither smokes nor drinks alcohol, Mr Heath’s only “vice” is his addiction to hard-boiled sweets. Therefore, he  usually has a bag about his person that he shares with his fellow members. He is married to Beatrice and has one son, Bertram, Jr. During Society investigations, Mr Heath will draw upon his knowledge of architecture by measuring rooms and comparing them to the building’s original floorplans to identify potential secret passageways and openings.


Memorable Quotes

“We can’t rule out the idea of shoddy workmanship. You wouldn’t believe the state of some of the houses I’ve seen in my time!”

“Mr Elliott made mention of statements needing to be made, but I really don’t know anything about that. Architecture is my  passion—well, you already know that. It’s why I’m here!”

“I feel quite well. Pear drop?”