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Bodyguard & Retired Naval Officer / 38

Born in 1858 to an Irish mother and English father in Northern Ireland, Mr Callahan Stephen Skinner joined Her Majesty’s  Royal Navy as an adult. Rising to the rank of officer and serving beneath Captain Mirrell, Mr Skinner was forced to retire from the Navy following an accident on board ship that resulted in his losing his right hand. He also has burn scarring on the right side of his jaw and cheek. Captain Mirrell later arranged for Mr Skinner to act as personal bodyguard to Lady Mirrell while Captain Mirrell was away at sea. This is a duty Mr Skinner has fulfilled for the past eight years. During Society investigations, Mr Skinner will draw upon his intricate knowledge of firearms, as well as utilise his excellent marksmanship skills when absolutely necessary. As a result, he is often assigned the more dangerous cases and tasks.

Memorable Quotes

“I don’t put much stock in a copper’s word either.”

“There’s no gun I know that can shoot a bullet through glass and not shatter it.”

“A friend of Sam’s is a friend of ours.”