The Society’s youngest member at the tender age of eighteen, Miss Georgina Louise Dexter is softly spoken, properly behaved, and polite with an unobtrusive manner. Although meek with those she doesn’t know, her reassuring voice and non-judgemental nature quickly put people at ease.  Affectionately known as “Georgie” by her parents, with whom she resides, Georgina also exhibits her art work under the  pseudonym of George Dexter. Beyond this, she teaches art classes in the evening and will occasionally trace building plans for Mr Heath. During Society investigations, she will sketch suspects and missing persons based upon descriptions from witnesses, sketch locations, and capture any necessary photographs with her box camera.

Memorable Quotes

“I don’t faint, but I’ll raise my voice so you can hear me.”

“You have planned a future I never wanted for myself, the future of a housewife and mother when all I’ve ever wanted is to be an artist. To be independent, doing what I love.”

“This is my first visit to the seaside. Pa-Pa says the beach is far too rowdy a place for respectable people like us.”

​​Bow Street Society logo artwork by Heather Curtis:

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Artist / 18 / Aliases: Georgie, George