A successful criminal lawyer who may often be seen defending his clients in the Central Criminal Court of the Old Bailey, Mr Gregory Elliott also manages a handful of clerks and lawyers within his law firm. A member of the Law Society, he was informed of the Bow Street Society’s existence by one of his peers. Logical to the point of being cold, he perceives the world in absolutes, has a strong moral compass, and is emotionally guarded. During Society investigations, he will draw upon his intricate knowledge of criminal law, and his excellent arguing skills in court, to advise and defend clients who have been arrested. He’ll also draw upon his limited knowledge of civil and national law to advise the Society on matters such as the  uncovering of marriage and birth records.  

Memorable Quotes

“I don’t faint, but I’ll raise my voice so you can hear me.”

“You have planned a future I never wanted for myself, the future of a housewife and mother when all I’ve ever wanted is to be an artist. To be independent, doing what I love.”

“This is my first visit to the seaside. Pa-Pa says the beach is far too rowdy a place for respectable people like us.”


Criminal Lawyer / 28

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