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Within my own writing I’ve found that, given the choice, readers are drawn to stories about the paranormal and the unanswered questions surrounding what happens after we die. As genres crime fiction and horror fiction are similar in that they confront the darker side of life and attempt to explain it through a narrative. Subscribers to the Bow Street Society newsletter, the Gaslight Gazette, would’ve seen my recommendation for DM Wolfenden’s book (pictured above) and newsletter. I’m now delighted to bring you an interview with DM Wolfenden in which we discuss her love of horror, her most recent release, and her literary hero.

Please, tell us a bit about yourself and your writing
I love all things horror. I grew up watching the old Hammer House of Horror films on British TV and started reading Stephen King when I was 11 years old. Both influenced my love of the genre. I have zombie tattoos, and I’m about to get a new werewolf tattoo (well, when the Covid-19 pandemic is over). My writing mainly features the cruelty of man than monsters, though.

Your fiction is quite dark, why are you drawn to the shadier side of life rather than the lighter?
I feel more comfortable writing about the darker side of life, there is nothing eviller than man. I always hated it when people sugar-coated things, but I’m not drawn to the shadier side of life outside of films and books.

Please, tell us a bit more about your latest release.
My latest release was a while ago, a vampire horror featuring an LGBTQ main character. Lana is a lesbian who catches the eye of a vampire. Lana’s happiness is ripped away from her when a violent attack proves fatal for her girlfriend, Francine, as they celebrate their engagement. It also leaves Lana severally injured.

The vampire sees his opportunity to save Lana. Not to be the hero, but in the hope that she will be grateful and show him the love he craves.

Superstition and believers in the supernatural teach us to cover all mirrors in a house where someone has died to prevent their spirit from becoming trapped in the glass. In your ‘about’ section on your Amazon author page you state you’re afraid of mirrors. Is this the reason for your fear or is there another? Why?
Haha, I am afraid of them because they show me my mortality. I don’t think I will age gracefully.

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
Stephen King, he is my hero. He is the undisputed king of horror, hands down, from ‘REDRUM’ to ‘dead cat walking’. He steps outside people’s comfort zone. For example, the scene in Carrie where he depicts her very first period in the shower. Your very first thought is ‘how can she not know what’s happening to her?’ and you put yourself into her head. She is a complete innocent, shielded from everything that prepares a girl for womanhood. You imagine her life before it’s brought to life on the pages. To be able to pick Stephen King’s brain would be a dream come true.

How can readers connect with you?
I am on a few sites, and if I am sent a private message via Facebook or Goodreads I always answer (not Twitter. Twitter is too weird even for me).

Amazon Author Page:https://www.amazon.com/DM-Wolfenden/e/B00EVVDRZY
Newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/DMWolfenden

I’d like to thank DM Wolfenden for taking the time to chat with me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about her and her writing as much as I have. Don’t forget you can discover her work for yourself by purchasing A Sea of Monsters & Other Tales from your regular Amazon marketplace. Simply click on the link to her Amazon author page above to view a full list of her published titles.

~ T.G. Campbell, November 2020