Fascination with true crime cases, the criminal mind, real-life forensic techniques, and criminal justice systems around the world is as strong today as it's ever been. For some, their fascination lies in the reasons why a crime is committed. For others, they're fascinated with how criminals are finally caught and exposed.  Personally, I'm fascinated with both these aspects of true crime. Someone else who's equally as fascinated is true-crime author Samantha Swain who I had the privalege of having a chat with about this very subject.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a writer of true crime. As a published author I worked in the Criminal Investigation Division which gave me a front seat to committed crime.

You describe yourself as a true crime author. Which true crime cases have inspired your writing and why?
It all inspires my writing. Whether people want to admit it or not they are addicted to hearing about it or watching it.

Why do you think there’s such a strong fascination with true crime amongst readers?
It's all apart of the addiction. People have a myriad of choices, but like most it comes to an end; however, true crime puts a person in a position to "think" versus to "feel". I don't think readers realize that episodes they watch on television were true crime scripted for television.

Sometimes there’s a vast difference between the dramatized criminal investigations we see in television shows/read in books and the reality. How do you bridge this gap in your own writing?
I bridge a gap based on being known for my genre of writing. It takes a LOT of research on the law, but you never know when a book/case is aiding someone.

Could you tell us about your upcoming release(s)?
I wish I could go into depth about my 4th book - "Through the Window" - I've also spearheaded several Anthologies from inexperienced writers; namely, Domestic Violence, Narcissism, Mental Illness and Its Effect on Men, and Secret. The 1st Anthology is due to be published next week.

I’d like to thank Samantha Swain for taking the time to answer my questions, thereby giving us an insight into the mind of a true-crime author as well as the criminals she writes about. If you'd like to discover more about Samantha's work, please click on the button below to be taken to her author page on Amazon.

~ T.G. Campbell, April 2020 

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