Clumsy and unworldly with a definite lack of common sense; these are just some of the traits attributed to Mr Joseph Callum Maxwell. Yet his clumsiness is endearing, his unworldliness is disarming, and his lack of common sense gives him courage in times of danger. A naturally nervous individual who’s easily intimidated by others, he often wipes his sweaty palms upon his frockcoat, toys with the bow on his cravat, stumbles over his words, and stutters. Although he’s become firm friends with many of the Society’s members, Miss Dexter holds a special place in his heart. During Society investigations, he’ll draw upon his interrogation skills as a journalist to question suspects and witnesses. He’ll also search the Gaslight Gazette’s archive for past news stories relevant to the current case, and utilise his position at the newspaper to place advertisements and missing person notices.

Memorable Quotes

“Mr Maxwell is incapable of taking care of one’s umbrella. I highly doubt he could orchestrate and execute such an elaborate scheme.”

“I’m a very n-nervous person.”

“I’m not like others in my profession. Might be why I’ve been an apprentice for the past three years.”

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Journalist for the Gaslight Gazette / 21