Journalist for Truth and Women’s Signal / 47

Fortunate enough to enjoy financial independence on account of her late husband taking the unusual step of bequeathing his entire estate to her, Lady Katheryne Owston is strong willed and persistent in her endeavours. Although her journalistic work usually focuses upon fashion trends and department store, etc., she is also an avid fiction writer and member of the Writers' Club. Lady Owston deeply loves her ward, secretary, and companion, Miss Webster, and is happy as long as she is. Although possessed of a strong character, Lady Owston isn’t possessed of a strong stomach. Therefore, the details of post mortems often make her feel unwell. During Society investigations, she’ll draw upon her intricate knowledge of shopping & stores, fashion & clothing, and the upper-classes. The latter, in particular, often results in her being assigned to  interview wealthy ladies and their households.

Memorable Quotes

“Agnes, my smelling salts.”

“We do recommend you be as honest and open with the police as you can though; none of us wish to be arrested for perverting the course of justice.”

“We shall still find the truth of it.”

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