Jeweller / 38

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Mr Lorne Ruben Cheshire is a master jeweller but an incompetent businessman. Although he has his own jeweller’s shop in Cheapside, and neither drinks alcohol, gambles or smokes, he’s unable to make a true success of his endeavours. This is due to his addiction to gemstones and his insatiable desire to turn them into stunning pieces of jewellery-shaped art. One of the Society’s newest members, he applied under less-than-ideal circumstances when he found himself at the centre of one of its cases. Nevertheless, he has formed a close friendship with Mr Locke, for whom he now makes costume jewellery for the performers at his theatre to wear. During Society investigations, Mr Cheshire will draw upon his intricate knowledge of gemstones (their history & their cut), jewellery making  techniques, and his peers within the trade.

Memorable Quotes

"It was one Mr Cheshire would have terrifying visions about for many, many nights to come.”

“Fine dining at the Savoy Hotel, a purpose-built home with over a hundred rooms on a sprawling country estate, and a legion of servants were some of the fantasies forming in Mr Lorne Cheshire’s mind as he gazed upon the ruby through a loupe lens.”

“Being a man of questionable habits yourself, you undoubtedly feel a kinship with Mr Cheshire.”