Doctor Lynette Jonelle Locke trained at the institute of the  London School of Medicine for Women and became a fully   qualified doctor of medicine in 1890. Since 1895, she has run her own private medical practise from her home for her wealthier patients. She also provides free medical care to poor patients in London’s slums. Although she’s married to a famous illusionist, she is wealthy in her own right. Determined to succeed in her chosen profession, Lynette isn’t afraid to speak her mind or  challenge her male peers, even if that means causing offence or anger. This, and her exemplary skills as a doctor, has earnt her the respect of these same peers. She also knows she can rely upon her husband's unbridled support. During Society investigations, she’ll perform post-mortems with surgeon Dr Weeks, as well as draw upon her extensive medical knowledge and expertise in other situations.  

Memorable Quotes

“In spite of all rational thought and sensibility, I still love you.”

I will say when he is better. Not him.”

I am Percy’s doctor. More significantly, I am his wife.”


Doctor of Medicine / 30 / Aliases: Mrs Locke, Darling

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