Doctor at Bethlehem (“Bedlam”) Hospital / 31

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The newest member of the Bow Street Society, Dr Neal Carmichael Colbert is still learning the ropes. A quiet man who prefers to observe, he has highly developed listening and analytical skills. He is extremely dedicated to his work and holds a genuine desire to help those with illnesses of the mind. Keeping abreast of his colleagues’ research, as well as conducting his own, Dr Colbert has emersed himself in physiognomy in recent years. Based upon the theory that one can determine an  individual’s personality, and habits etc., simply by analysing their face, physiognomy is considered a pseudoscience. Thus, although he’s intrigued by its claims, Dr Colbert takes them with a healthy degree of scepticism. During Society investigations, he will draw upon his knowledge of the mind and Physiognomy to analyse the potential motivations and habits of the suspects and witnesses they encounter.

Memorable Quotes

“Yes, a man with Dr Colbert’s expertise could prove invaluable in most—if not all—of the Society’s cases if he can do what he claims.”

“In his mind, there was little difference between the subversion of the police and the subversion of the laws protecting the infirm and the innocent.”

“I want to help people.”