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A close friend of Miss Trent’s, Miss Polly Hicks is also romantically involved with Dr Weeks. Although she has worked in numerous public houses, coaching inns, and taverns, her current position is at a bar located on a platform of the underground railway. As a result of the wide variety of people she’s met through her work, she has highly developed observational and conversational skills. Feisty by nature, she is also short-tempered and will resort to violence if she believes she has just provocation. During Society investigations, she will draw upon her intricate knowledge of the workings, culture, and clientele of public houses.

Memorable Quotes

“I look like I don’t wanna be ‘ere. I dunno why you do.”

“Bloomin’ culver-head…”

“When are you gonna grow sumin’ and give it back as good as you get?!”


Barmaid / 27