As its formidable clerk, Miss Rebecca Trent is the public face of the Bow Street Society. Therefore, she is responsible for  conducting the initial interviews with potential clients and making the final decision as to whether the Society will accept their commissions. She is also responsible for dealing with Metropolitan Police Force officers who are supportive, hostile, or indifferent toward the group. Her other duties include: assigning Society members to new cases, interviewing potential new members and accepting/declining their applications, and protecting the Society’s reputation and its members’ safety by whichever means necessary. Yet, despite being the Society’s driving force, Miss Trent doesn’t investigate the cases herself. She is fiercely independent and highly determined by nature. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind or put others in their place, even if it causes offence or anger. She fulfils her duty as the clerk of the Bow Street Society with great acumen, strength, and dedication. 

Memorable Quotes

“I never expect anyone. Only clients.”

“An excellent reputation is a difficult thing to achieve but an easy thing to lose.”

“You have no right to be here because you were not assigned to this case. However, since you are here and I don’t want to waste any more time or effort expelling you, sit down, be quiet, and listen.”


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Bow Street Society Clerk / 28 / Alias: Becky