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Born in Edinburgh, Dr Rupert William Alexander travelled to London as a young man to study at the Royal Veterinary College. Graduating after three years, he established his own Veterinary Practise for his wealthier clients. He also volunteers at the Royal Veterinary College’s Poor People’s Out-Patient Clinic, providing free healthcare to the pets and animals of those living in the slums.  A great animal lover, he strives to provide the best care for them; whether that be by treating them, protecting them from harm, or educating their owners. During Society investigations, he will draw upon his extensive veterinary medical knowledge to treat wounded animals or, on one occasion, perform a post     mortem. He will also utilise the excellent nose of his partially blind basset hound, Magnus, to follow the scent of suspects, etc. 

Memorable Quotes

“I’m against shooting the poor animal. I’m also a veterinary surgeon.”

“I noticed you have a dead horse. May I see it?”

“I’m unaccustomed to the uncanniness of an isolated country estate in the middle of the night.”


Veterinary Surgeon / 37