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Cabman / 48 / Alias: Sam

One of the Society’s oldest members, Mr Samuel “Sam” Snyder is a veteran cabman and driver for the group. As a result, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of London’s streets and transport networks, including the steam ships, tram routes, and omnibus routes. A bareknuckle boxer in his youth, he is also adept at  defending himself and others, but only when absolutely necessary. Kind hearted and gentle in spite of his intimidating stature, he quickly wins over anyone he meets. During Society investigations, he will draw upon his knowledge of London and its transport networks, and utilise his friendships with the other cabbies to discover information about the movements of suspects and witnesses. The fact his cab can be hailed by a suspect or  witness, without them knowing of his Society membership, also provides him with a unique opportunity for eavesdropping on their conversations.

Memorable Quotes

“A cabman sees and hears more than you’d think.”

“Sam can defend himself if it comes to it—as you well know.”

“It’ll be well taken care of, sir. You have my word.”