Identical twins Miss Bernice Joy Kershaw and Miss Brenda Lily Kershaw have a clockmaker’s shop in Cheapside that they own and manage under the guise of their alias. Although they would prefer to trade as themselves, they know there is a strong possibility they wouldn’t be taken as seriously as they are now by their peers in the trade. The sisters enjoy a closeness typically found between twins; they complete one another’s sentences and intuitively know each other’s thoughts. During Society investigations, they’ll draw upon their clockmaking skills, and intricate knowledge of automata and their inventors.

Memorable Quotes

“We subscribe to no one’s theory.”

“The best way to fathom a clockwork mechanism is to see its motion in full.”

“How extraordinary… and yet how very uninteresting.”


Clockmakers / 30

​​Bow Street Society logo artwork by Heather Curtis:

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