T.G. Campbell's plans for the Bow Street Society and more!

2019 was a busy year for me in terms of my writing and personal life and 2020 promises to be the same. Last year saw the release of the fourth full length Bow Street Society Mystery, The Case of the Toxic Tonic and the release of the third volume of Bow Street Society Casebook short stories, The Case of the Russian Rose & Other Stories. It also marked a year since The Case of the Curious Client book trailer was released.

This month has already seen the creation of the next Bow Street Society Casebook short story, The Case of the Terrific Theft. Its first part will be released in the January edition of the Gaslight Gazette newsletter so be sure to subscribe to be amongst the first to read it. Readers are also discovering the first three volumes of Casebook short stories in addition to the full length mysteries. I’m always delighted when people discover my writing and fall in love with its plots and characters.

Due to this, I’ve often toyed with the idea of creating a “reader group” or “fans of the Bow Street Society” group on Facebook so people can connect with others through their love of the stories, characters, etc. As we start 2020, though, I’ve decided against creating such a group. If such a group was to exist I’d want its members to feel able to talk openly about their opinions of the Bow Street Society books/short stories. Even with the strongest will in the world and the nicest approach possible I don’t think this could become a reality if I was the group’s creator/moderator. My mere presence alone could be enough to convince group members not to share their views about the books. If, at some point in the future, fans of the Bow Street Society decide to create such a group independent of me, I think it would provide them with the free-speaking platform they want. As a result, it would serve its true purpose rather than descend into a stream of promotions for the latest book or short story.

This year I’ll be attending several book signing events where readers can visit the Bow Street Society stall, buy books, and have them signed by me. I’ll also be happy to discuss all things Bow Street Society. I’d therefore be delighted if you could pay me a visit at one of these events and say “hey!” The first will be in Manchester on the 1st August followed by Blackpool on the 22nd August and Liverpool on the 19th September. Full information, including where to buy your tickets for each event, can be found HERE.

Work has already started on the fifth full length Bow Street Society book. Its title and plot will be revealed later on in the year. I can’t say much more than this without giving “spoilers” but what I can say is there will be more drama, more twists, and more revelations. As always, there will also be plenty of research and planning to be done on my part! I’d also love to hear what you thought of the previous four books in the series. You can email me direct at with your thoughts, post them on the Facebook Bow Street Society page, tweet them to me @BowStSociety, or simply submit a review/rating on Amazon or Goodreads.

If you follow my Writers’ Wing blog you would’ve seen I’ve made the decision to close submissions from authors wanting to be featured. I’ve done this to free up the time I need to research and plan the upcoming Bow Street Society mysteries. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ‘interrogating’ crime fiction, horror fiction, thriller fiction, and suspense fiction authors in my imaginary prison but my Bow Street Society projects have to come first. I pride myself on producing mysteries which are thoroughly researched, plotted, and executed. I know I wouldn’t be able to maintain this high standard if I continue with the Writers’ Wing. Interviews which have already been published will remain on the Writers’ Wing section of the website. I’d like to thank these authors for being a part of my blog and to thank our readers for their support and enthusiasm for the Writers’ Wing.

Finally, I’d like to thank all Bow Street Society fans for their enthusiasm and continued support. No amount of words could do justice to how much this enthusiasm and support means to me as an author and as a person. I know that, together, we can spread word of the Bow Street Society far and wide so even more people can discover Miss Trent and her group of ordinary people investigating extraordinary crimes. So here’s looking forward to another exciting year for the Bow Street Society in 2020.  

~ T.G. Campbell, January 2020

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